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Core business

Our core business is the import and export of meat (chicken, pork, beef, turkey and lamb), deep-frozen French fries and vegetables (mushrooms, peppers and onion rings) and wine. Thanks to our excellent contacts in the global industry we also operate as a purchasing or sourcing partner for other companies. We know exactly what’s happening in the international food field. What’s trending. Where to find the best manufacturing companies. How they work. We provide the expertise to advise and assist other companies.

In the meantime

In fact we do much more. We help companies sell hard tradable stocks. We provide product launches and introductions in South America. We conduct market analyses and develop products for other companies. Latin Link is the connecting link between food manufacturing and food trading companies in Europe and Latin America.


Latin Link provides the import and export of:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • Pork

Meat import and meat export

Years of experience in the food trading industry. Deep knowledge of Latin American languages and markets thanks to our Brazilian roots. A giant network of partners, producers and suppliers. And offices in the Netherlands and Brazil. That’s Latin Link.

Latin America is well known for its high-quality meat. That’s why it is one of the biggest export products of the continent. The European market loves beef from the Argentinian pampa or Brazilian frango. Latin Link imports and exports meat and chicken for the food processing industry, food and retail companies and restaurant chains. Thanks to our worldwide network, our efficient and compact organisation and rapid service, we stand out in the food market. In all service perspectives. We know exactly where shipments are and when they will arrive at the destination.


Import and export of deep-frozen French fries and vegetables

Which frying potato is popular in which country? How does one launch frozen mushrooms in the Brazilian market? What are the quality requirements for deep-frozen peppers? In which countries consumers appreciate the taste and convenience of onion rings? Latin Link knows the manufacturers and their products, the needs in the market and the needs of the suppliers.


Latin Link provides the import and export of:

  • Deep-frozen fries
  • Deep-frozen pepper chunks
  • Deep-frozen mushrooms
  • Sales support
  • Contacts with renowned wine houses in Slovenia

Slovenian wine for the Brazilian market

The climate, the soil and the slopes in Slovenia are extremely well suited to produce wine. Slovenia has 3 wine regions and 14 wine districts that cultivate 52 wines. A rich variation, excellent quality at a very decent price. Slovenian wine is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In Brazil as well: Latin Link successfully launched Slovenian wines in the market there. Brazilian restaurants, supermarkets and liquor stores…they love top wines from the northern part of the Balkan.

Product development and market research

In close collaboration with our suppliers, producers, customers and renowned laboratories, Latin Link investigates the feasibility of new product market combinations. We anticipate on changing customer needs, signal trends and visit international trade fairs to intensify and deepen our food knowledge. All to improve the market position of our customers.


  • Signalling worldwide trends
  • Developing product market combinations
  • International trade fairs
  • Market research
  • Connecting link between producer and buyer
  • Supervising quality standards
  • Delivery of food products

Food service and retail

The food service and retail segments are growing steadily around the world following the growing facilities and habit changes in food consumption. Worldwide people consume more ready-made meals, frozen meals from the supermarket or take away diners. Due to lack of time we choose for convenience. Latin Link anticipates this trend and has an excellent network of producers and suppliers in these segments. We bring companies together, linking demand and supply, and providing the delivery of food products. Naturally we meet the highest demands in terms of efficiency, quality and packaging.


Latin Link has built great expertise in the food industry and is fully up to date regarding the needs, demands and requirements in the different segments. We organise customer visits to factories, food-processing companies or production companies. Our people are well informed about production circumstances and the rules regarding safety, animal protection and environmental impact. We also provide samples and test products.

  • Organising customer visits to factories and production companies
  • Excellent network of worldwide suppliers
  • Providing food samples and test products
  • Delivery terms
  • Track and trace
  • Extensive network


Latin Link has an extensive network of clearance agents, cold stores and distributors across Europe. Products are customs cleared, stored and released to our customers’ needs. We have clear agreements on methods of storage, logistics and delivery terms and know exactly where the products are located 24/7.


Latin Link has a strong team of food entrepreneurs and food engineers: professionals with a strong ambition to improve the market position of our customers and connect their businesses to the future. We signal trends, we analyse markets, provide import and export, and source our customers’ entire trading process. Latin Link unites Dutch trading spirit with Brazilian passion.

Jan van Pelt

Jan van Pelt


Jan van Pelt has over 20 years’ management experience in the food segment. He was, amongst others, export manager at Farm Frites, commercial manager at Perdigao and business development manager at BRF (Brazil Foods). In 2010 Jan founded Latin Link. He is a commercial and creative entrepreneur with an extensive network of producers, clients and traders in Europe and Latin America. Jan has a strong focus on customizable service, revenue growth and new businesses. He holds a Bachelors Degree Business Administration from the Haarlem Business School.

T +31(0)6-51976959
E janvanpelt@latin-link.nl

Marluci Martins van Pelt

Marluci Martins van Pelt

Market Development

Marluci Martins is a passionate food engineer with international experience in the field of research, product development, marketing and sales in the versatile food market. Marluci, born in Brazil, knows the Latin American food market very well and is an expert in connecting the European and South American continents. She is an innovative thinker, with a strong focus on development and growth. Marluci holds a Masters Degree in food engineering from Universidade Federal do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil and a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing, Business and Communication at Universidade do Contestado – Curitibanos, SC, Brazil.

T +31(0)21566609
E marluci.martins@latin-link.nl

Moacir M. Martins Jr.

Moacir M. Martins Jr.

Distribution & Services

Moacir Manoel Martins Jr, graduated in Business Administration, with specialization in foreign trade, registered at CRA / SC nº16168, MBA in Finance at Federal University of Santa Catarina, studied financial consultancy at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, certified AMBIMA CPA 10.
Experience 8 years HSBC, business management and finally management of labor liabilities. Experience in the development of strategies in social media and web store.
Training wine & spirits trust education level 01 (WSTE level 01)

T +55(48)-88031200
E moacir.martins@latin-link.nl


Latin Link has an extensive network of partners such as food producers, food processors, traders, commercial agents, distributors and storage companies in Europe and South America. Together we connect markets and gain new businesses.

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